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Updated: 4 hours 33 min ago

Why it is so difficult to develop new antibiotics

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 00:18
Over-reliance on and misuse of antibiotics has raised fears of a future without effective medicines.

Heart surgery survival chances 'better in the afternoon'

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 23:40
Heart patients improve their survival chances by having surgery in the afternoon, research suggests.

Scottish government crackdown on unhealthy food offers

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 21:46
Jamie Oliver says Scottish government plans to restrict price promotions and adverts are "trailblazing".

Opioid crisis: Trump shares brother's fatal addiction story

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 19:10
The president shares a story about the "tough life" of his tragic sibling as he battled alcoholism.

Women in Scotland allowed abortion pill at home

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 16:40
Women in Scotland are the first in the UK to be allowed to take the abortion pill at home.

Southend Hospital backs off 'Airbnb beds' plan

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:43
Southend Hospital says it has no plans to accommodate NHS patients in Airbnb style pilot "at this time".

Mental health sees 300,000 people leave their jobs each year

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 08:36
Bosses are urged to help struggling staff, with mental health work plans and encouraging open discussion.

Warning over Wales NHS Brexit 'catastrophe'

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 05:15
A hard or 'no deal' Brexit could have a serious impact on NHS Wales, a health expert warns.

Regrets and relief

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 01:13
Having an abortion is a tough decision, leaving some women with regret while others feel relieved.

Resignation syndrome: Sweden's mystery illness

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 00:05
For nearly two decades Sweden has been battling a mysterious illness, which affects only the children of asylum-seekers.

Superbug 'sleuthing' finds secret outbreaks

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 23:51
The researchers were surprised how many outbreaks they detected in the east of England.

'Yoga tells the worries to go away'

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 23:50
Autistic children at a special educational needs school in London have yoga classes every week.

Scotland's health 'is not improving', auditors warn

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 23:15
Audit Scotland's annual report on NHS Scotland lists concerns over missed targets, waiting times and funding.

Patients face 'distressing readmissions'

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 23:04
Rising rates may be a sign patients are being rushed out of hospital, a watchdog warns.

Opioids problem

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 20:21
People in America take more opioids - such as morphine and codeine - than in any other country. Why?

Ex-policewoman's cannabis use to relieve pain from MS

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 19:35
Ex-policewoman Sue Cox smokes cannabis to relieve the pain of crippling multiple sclerosis.

'Incredible' editing of life's building blocks

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 17:00
The studies could lead to new treatments for inherited diseases.

Viking trade in red squirrels may have spread leprosy

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 14:13
Leprosy found in red squirrels is also found in pre-Norman bones in Suffolk and Scandinavia.

The selfie campaign urging you to 'Get Your Belly Out'

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 13:34
Meet the women who set up the campaign for people with Crohn's and colitis.

Postnatal depression: Call for new fathers to be screened

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 11:01
All new dads need postnatal depression screening says father who suffered after his son's birth.